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What nature has kept secret for millions of years, we can now uncover in a single high-throughput experiment.

Our technology harnesses the power of genetics and AI to learn the biophysical parameters governing protein function.

Our team

Ben LehnerChief Scientific Advisor & co-founder
Head of Generative and Synthetic Genomics, Wellcome Sanger Institute; ICREA Professor, CRG and Fellow of the Royal Society“What excites me about ALLOX is that we’re going beyond what we can do in academia and having a lot of fun at the same time”
Júlia DomingoCEO & co-founder
Biologist, bioinformatician and coinventor of the ALLOX experimental platform“I’m proud to be realising the revolutionary potential of our technology and testing the core thesis of our research in the clinic, while leading and growing with such a stellar team”
André FaureCDO & co-founder
Engineer, computational biologist and coinventor of the ALLOX computational platform.“I’m passionate about working on truly disruptive technology at the intersection between AI and biology — that’s what makes ALLOX feel like home”
Pablo BaezaCSO & co-founder
Computational biochemist, data scientist and deep mutagenesis guru.“The coolest thing about what we’re doing is that we’ll potentially be improving the lives of millions of patients around the world”
Lorena EspinarLab Manager
Cristina LorcaResearch Associate
Sol AdaglioResearch Associate
Victoria MalavéOffice Administrator

We are a team of explorers and builders passionate about revolutionising drug discovery.













Join us

At ALLOX the success of our revolutionary scientific approach is as important to us as our mission to create a healthy, honest and respectful culture, both internally and with our partners.

We believe that — as in other living systems — team robustness and evolvability are a consequence of diversity, and that individuals thrive when they’re empowered with freedom and responsibility.

If you’re excited about the prospect of working with us, get in touch!



Júlia Domingo, CEO of ALLOX, interviewed by El·lipse magazine

Júlia explains how the company was born at the CRG, how the technology they developed works, and what its future holds.

2024-07-09|NEWS COVERAGE

ALLOX to present at EMBO | EMBL AI and biology Symposium

André Faure, ALLOX Co-founder and CDO, will present at the EMBO | EMBL AI and biology Symposium, on Wednesday, March 13th at 14:15.


Secret Vulnerabilities of Cancer’s ‘Death Star’ Revealed

Researchers at the Centre for Genomic Regulation and the Wellcome Sanger Institute have validated ALLOX's foundational technology by producing the first ever complete map of allosteric sites for any complete protein: KRAS, one of the most famous and frequently mutated genes in cancer of many types.

2023-12-18|NEWS COVERAGE

Get in touch

For all enquiries, send us a message here or email us at hello@allox.bio. We look forward to hearing from you!



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